Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tribute to 4 Women

When I was writing a blog about Charlotte, I evoked many strong feelings. Immediately my thoughts strayed to the women who made differences and had influences in my life, women without whom I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wanted to write about them.

Most important and admired person in my life is my mom. Of course many of us look up to our parents and consider them our own personal Gods. I’m no different. My mother is my inspiration for strength and unconditional love. Losing own mother at age 15, marrying a stranger at 20, having 4 children by age 31, immigrating to a strange and foreign country with 4 children without husband to help by age 38, and raising them by herself. It takes a very strong person to face and undertake such challenges. What do I mean by strong? When I call a woman “strong”, I do not refer to her physical strength. I mean emotional, spiritual and mental strength. Strength to endure life’s hardship and not to complain. Stamina to raise children without relying on outside help. Emotional stability to control oneself when realizing how difficult it is to be alone.
I know some women who can’t handle their own lives. I know women who lose their mind raising one child. I know women who cannot handle failed relationships and completely break down. I know women who cannot make a meal. And that’s fine. Each one of us has our own paths. I do not judge them. But I could never be those women. Seeing my mother able to handle anything that comes her way and staying strong for the sake of her family and children brings me courage to handle anything that life might throw my way. I believe she is capable of even more magic than I have seen thus far. She is the “strongest” woman I have met in my life and my true inspiration.

The second woman in my life is my younger sister. She is my soulmate. She is my sun and my moon. If the sun would go out tomorrow, I would not ask for it again, as long as I would have my sister by my side. She will shine upon my life with her ability to be optimistic no matter how down life seems to be, with her ability to love and forgive no matter what, with her ability to encourage and support through thick and thin, with her ability to see the best in every person no matter how different they are. She is the most beautiful and amazing entity that God has created in this world.

The third person is my best friend. We’ve known each other for over 13 years, since the first day she came to US. With all the good and certainly all the bad, she is the reason, I am who I am today. All my worst and all my best can be traced back to her influence. I learned to overcome many fears because of her; I learned to be bold and courageous because of her; I learned to be bad and promiscuous because of her; I learned to love and be open because of her; I learned to believe in others because of her; I learned the power of true friendship because of her. I cried many tears with her and because of her and I laughed many years with her and because of her. I confessed my love to her and rejected her. She confessed her love to me and accepted me. As long as the world turns, I shall always have her by my side.

The fourth woman appeared in my life only recently, about 4 years ago. She arrived quietly but had an effect of a tsunami. She is an amazing success story and a true inspiration. Her will to succeed in life was so strong that nothing was standing in her way. She had smitten everything that got in the way. She proceeded through toughest tests and never for a moment thought of failure. All the while she encouraged me. If I ever felt down, all I needed was to turn to her and she would send an enormous amount of energy full of light, wisdom and encouragement. She is actually the reason I had the courage to make this trip.

These women are irreplaceable in my life. Everything that I am today was slowly, patiently and persistently created and shaped by them. I thank them every day for giving me the joy of having them in my life. Thank you!


  1. Привет Хайя!
    Прочитал этот пост и несмог удержатся от комментария, так можно написать только чувствами, я думаю, нет, я даже уверен, что все это ты могла сказать и знала на протяжении всего этого времени, но сейчас это звучало по особенному, как будто самые потаённые струны души переливаясь нашли ту самую тональность гармония которой генерирует свет, новый свет, который позволяет видеть и чувствовать уже подругому. Во всяком случае у меня возникло такое ощущение после прочитанного. Спасибо. Tulins.

  2. Сережка Привет!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Давно я твой голос не слышала. Соскучилась! Может мы на Олькин День Варенья устроим?
    Спасибо за то что читаешь и за слова твои спасибо.
    Наверно мой блог был навеен тем что растояние усугбляет чувства.
    Ты прав. Все те люди которые мне встречаются на пути, помогают мне видеть мир, внешний и свой внутренний, в новом свете. Вот и результат. Сегодня постараюсь еще один блог написать. Он будет очень интерестный! Целую. Скучаю!

  3. Может мы на Олькин День Варенья 3-way call устроим?

  4. amazing post!! the most important for me is my mother, as well. i lost her 3 years ago and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't miss her, but there also isn't a day that goes by that i don't feel her presence in spirit. of course, maiko is right behind my mother and i love her deeply, too. i'm enjoying catching up on your blog. i love your style of writing, khaya!!