Friday, September 25, 2009


I stayed with Adam for a week. Here is a small narrative, just a tiny hint of all the things we did in such short period of time.

We spent time with the Shinto Priest and his family catching a small glimpse of how a Japanese family lives and interacts; we went out with his international friends to bars and drank and talked for hours; we roamed beautiful green pastures filled with fresh grass aroma, sheep and cows; we ate delicious Hokkaido soup curry in a small living room of a man who keeps his house open for travelers; we boiled eggs in the middle of the night over smoking vents of active volcano; we played Vietnamese Dan Moi musical instrument learning to twist our tongues and shape our mouths in ways we never thought we could; we discussed all aspects of human nature and behavior, examining our own prejudices and stereotypes ; we drank copious amounts of vodka, sake and wine while listening to classical music for hours on end; we danced to the beat of Japanese street performance at 12am at night while freezing our butts off; we sat on the beach and silently watched the sea break waves over high cliffs, admiring nature`s beauty; we cooked mouthwatering oysters and dried fish which went extremely well with Japanese beer; we gazed at a virgin volcano lake filled with clear blue colored water unlike I`ve ever seen; we relaxed in regenerating sulfur onsen nearby volcano while singing songs and avoiding stares from old women and candid picture-taking strangers; we played (drummed) on driftwood with sticks found on the beach while humming a tune praising the sky, sun and ocean; we soaked feet in hot spring while eating freshly baked, right out of the oven, still steaming bread buns: we listened to records of old Russian songs while preparing sashimi; we drank strong, dark coffee in a restaurant built in a rural area by a rich man from Tokyo who found peace and serenity in the woods; we watched the tide rise up the shoreline and sweep away humongous driftwood showing us the power of water and nature; we sang Disney songs to keep each other awake while driving from town to town; we built strong connection while exploring each other worlds. 

Thank you Adam.





  1. I was wondering how long it'd be before I spotted the ever present peace sign in one of your pics. :-)

    Miss ya